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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Everyone crank the AC!!

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A pic of a building with an ac unit on every window!!

I thought the weather would be like the Bay Area; it’s so not!!

Olá Issac!,

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My foray into Lisbon boutique hostels!!

My foray into Lisbon boutique hostels!!

I’m here!!!!

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A bica and a pastel de nata.  So perfect!!

On The Plane

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On my way to Lisbon. An Easyjet miracle!!

I Heart Geoff!!!

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A monument built on the site of Chaucer's house.

A monument built on the site of Chaucer’s house.  London.


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A facade of the anticipated TJ Maxx debut in the UK, only it's spelled TJ Maxx.  Why????

Really? What difference does it make?

I passed this in Balham, near London, England, where my good friends Helen and John live.  Helen was very excited at the possibility of high-end brands at sensible prices.  John could not care less.  BUT neither could tell me why TJ Maxx had to become TK Maxx.  The consensus was whatever the second consonant in the name was, you still should go.

I just landed in London!

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I just landed in London!

Five more days till I make myself sick on pasteis de nata!