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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bar Portugalia

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I drank too much this weekend and listened to too much Karaoke Pulp. We love you, Jarvis.


Now if you ‘re still awake, I would like to take you to Grubstake, yeah
And go for a pancake, though the back page is full of your avó’s favorite treats.

Picture of cashier and Portugal soccer banner at Grubstake in SF

I take the best photos when I’m drunk!

Oh, let’s get out of this place before that trannie tries to get in your pants….

Move, move quick, you’ve gotta move.
Cat Club’s through,  and Denny’s is full of bums.
Oh look at you, you, let’s get to Polk Street to, to eat real foooooood!

If you please, order choriço before 4am.
You’ll be able to drive past the sheriff on the Bridge, no problem

Ivy eating CHORICO

Ivy will have no trouble driving home tonite!!

If they knocked down this place, it’d defile a repurposed cable car.

Move, move quick, you’ve gotta move.
Come on it’s 3, come on it’s drunk meal time.
Oh look at you, you, you’re looking so confused, is it the Portuguese Menu?

Oh, it’s ok it’s just the price.

If we get through this alive I’ll meet you next week, to split the cod dish this time….

That’s what you get from back paging it.
Seventeen bucks for a plate of fish
Your friends might only sort of want to eat, but don’t know why it’s worth it.
There’s only one place we can go.
Where Super Bock will flow, where other broken pescada dreams go.
Forgive me, Avó.