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Monthly Archives: November 2011

You’ve Picked My Pockets For The Last Time, Andronico’s.

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If you’re from the East Bay, you’ll be rolling your eyes about now, because this is the scene of the most ridiculously expensive, out of control, crazy freaking insane East Bay….. groceries!!!  Yes, I went in there to buy my PMS cookies (sorry- TMI) and they were nearly six bucks.

Cookies should not cost six dollars under any circumstances.  Well, maybe if there are seventeen thousand of them in the box.  There are not seventeen thousand cookies in that damn bag on the shelf at Andronico’s.

So anyway, choco-nata-cookie cake is MIRACULOUSLY CHEAP at Andronico’s!  Cheaper than Whole Paycheck!  Woo freaking hoo.  I may live to see dawn.

But they handed me a bag that looked like this:     WHA-WHA-WHAT!?!?!? Read the rest of this entry