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DE-nied! I’ll Stay Home and Fondle My Textbook

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So eat my shorts!  Bite my butt!  Slap my face and call me Charlie!

There’s no Portuguese class at ALL this semester!!  Unless, as my former teacher informed me this weekend, I want to drive to San Jose.  In the middle of the day.  While I’m trying to work.

I combed through half a dozen possibilities.  The closest Portuguese class is at UC Berkeley.  It  currently costs more to take this through UC Berkeley Extension than it did for a quarter – sixteen units of real, enrolled student worth – at UCSD ten years ago.  Um… can we say… outta my league! SEVENTEEN HUNDRED BUCKS!

For that, I’ll sit home with my textbook from last year and imagine my grandmother saying what I’m reading.  I used to do that while I studied, and it actually works pretty well.  If it’s something my grandmother used to SAY!!!   Like “calças.” Or “Nada no chão!”   I’m sure half the words I’m reading are mispronounced in my head, but to save 1700 bucks, I’m willing to learn Portuguese half-assed.

Let’s be honest.  I just don’t have the money to begin with.

The real losers are the BCC student body; why are we ignoring Portuguese when Brazil is so close, and has almost as many consumers as the US?  I’m sure they’re teaching Italian.  And German.  I’m all for teaching all of those languages, but where’s the sense in killing Portuguese?   The first semester was bursting at the seams.  The second… not so much.  People chicken out.  And realize it’s not a magical freebee language if you speak Spanish.

I also read that the study abroad class Deolinda teaches in Portugal through UC Berkeley has been canned.  I couldn’t sign up last year for personal reasons, but I was all revved up to sock away something to do it this year.

And it’s dead.

I hope, not for long.  Though one has to wonder why one class in the East Bay costs 1500, but one that globetrotts is 7000.  The former should offer some traveling component.  And I don’t mean down the 24 to fight for campus parking.


About A. Savage Ross

I used to know as many Portuguese words as I knew English words. This was long before I knew words like "ephemeral" and "fleeting" and "gripping self-consciousness." Fast forward a few decades (and ill-fated classes) I am trying to learn how to string actual Portuguese sentences together and sound like an intelligent person.

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  1. How about looking for a Portuguese tutor? It would be less expensive, one-on-one, and you’d get tons of real practice. Yes?

  2. This is true. If you go by the expense of UC Berkeley, it is quite a bit cheaper! Though it’s much cheaper at BCC, even if it is 40 on 1 instead of 1 on 1.

    Good suggestion! I’ll look on Craigslist!

  3. No Portuguese class? Lame. It’s only like, the fifth most spoken language in the world. pfft. When I was at Florida International we did have Portuguese class, but it was Brazilian Portuguese! I totally hear you on not spending the major cash on Portuguese classes. They probably will only teach you grammar and more grammar, with a side of grammar drills. Completely. Useless. I learned more Portuguese from Seu Jorge songs than from grammar books. Do you have anyone to practice Portuguese with?


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