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I didn’t go to Alum Rock.  The shoot was till nine.  Better luck next time!   It was work, though, so no complaints here!


Dreaming….. of foodie, food, food!

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Tomorrow I’m assisting on a set in Menlo Park as a stills photographer.  Woot WOot!  A.’s back in the game, twice in one week!

But I digress.   This is not an unemployment blog.  Or a HAPPY Join the BUSY-  YAAAAAY!!! blog.

I live in the East Bay, and while we have our Portuguese stuff (Luso Mercado, that Hayward bakery that supplies all the other stores like Spanish Table in Berkeley) but I have longed to put a toe in the supposedly fertile waters of San Jose.    And I would never dip such a toe without having a reason to drive over the bridge…..  Work is a reason, right?

Apparently there is a street chock full of delights.  I’ve been there, as a child.  My parents picked out tapes for me to learn Portuguese (HA!), and my mom picked through some lace stuff but didn’t buy any of it.   “I’ve got that at home and we made it ourselves.”   And she did- her cousins all sat around making lace on their free time until they finally got a TV.   You think hipsters invented Stitch n’ Bitch?  Nuh-UH!!!!  Now nobody knows how to make lace, but we do have Portuguese Television now!  We did leave with half a dozen keychains and books.  I think even then, we had satiated our need for sculptures of the Galo de Barcelos.  I had no idea there was FOOD!!!  

Galo de Barcelos

I always feel like… somebody’s watching me…. ain’t got no privacy!@ woahoh!

And since I’ve started this blog, I have begun friending restaurants from the luso-oasis of San Jose.  I dare say I’ve maxed out friending Luso-affiliated pages; I’ve friended everything from tourism in Lisbon, the National Soccer team, some Franco-Portuguese thing based on a Mastercard that I can’t really understand but looked cool.  God, I hope it’s not some weird fringe group. I friended FNAC Portugal (to which I have never actually been, but I did love FNAC in France so why wouldn’t I love it somewhere else?), Fanta Portugal (Portugal was where I first enjoyed its orangey goodness), about a zillion IDES halls.  

I was beyond shocked that  IDES halls actually have a Facebook presence.  Shocked and deeply impressed a their foresight….. The last time I went to randomly photograph dancing at an IDES hall, there were exactly four tween girls in jeweled crowns, and two hundred people over seventy. Not quite the Facebook demographic…. Not that there aren’t lots of exceptions…. Hi Dad, did ya like my status this week?    But it’s a brilliant strategy; who’s going to continue to crown the young if those four tweens are the only people rolling up to the festa in 70 years?

All I can say though, is I hope and pray that when I’m 70, I can cut a rug like THAT!

A couple dance as the lights go up at the IDES Hall in Mountain View.

Look at them go! A couple dances on as the lights go up at the IDES Hall in Mountain View.

So I peruse my “Likes” for restaurants that I might just… glide by after work tomorrow….  and I see this:

     Bacalhau Grill & Trade Rite Market

‎…..Live Music Friday`s….
….April 29th, 2011 6:30PM…
………Carlos Silva………….
…Live Portuguese Music…
….Have dinner and the music is on US….
Usually they specify what’s for dinner.  Hmmmm.   What’s up with that?   

Then I notice the PREVIOUS post:

Ola,Mariscada de Camarao…Shrimp & seafood stew
Alcatra…Azorean Pot Roast
Filet de peixe…red snapper fillet    





 – OH



                                               MY!!! –

I am ALL ABOUT Gomes de Sá.    It’s a dish of salted cod (of course) made as a kind of casserole with eggs and olives and other stuff that is just so delicious I want to get up and do a jig, but neighbor has to get up really early for her shift.   I am jigging in my heart.  🙂

Now, I have no idea if these are going to be Gomes de Sá or Gomes de Sog (I’m sure the food’s fine, but I can’t resist that pun!), but hey, I’m willing to take a shot.  And they got live music too!

Music, Cod, and my camera, AND a stipend for the day from working.  Even if the shoot goes too late for me to make it for dinner, just reading about it makes me smile.  And I’ll keep collecting restaurant fantasies on my blog page on Facebook.  MMMMMMM!  I’m going to bed now, to dream sweet fishy freelancer dreams.  Yum!